Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Blogs

I wanted to give a shamelss plug for some new blogs (new to me, anyway) I've been enjoying. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Still Reforming is the blog of my good friend and fellow-bibliophile, Matt Gumm. Matt keeps up on all the current trends within evangelicalism as well as anyone I know and always has salient comments to share. Keep up the good work, Matt!

2. TMS Alumini is the online meeting-place of several of the men I was trained alongside and enjoy interacting with to this day. It also wonderfully illustrates the fact that, though our training was the same, we still bring amazing variety to the ministry table. Drop in some day for a taste!

3. Ironmen is the online home of Grace Bible Church of Brandon's new men's discipleship ministry. We're currently studying The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction, by Sinclair Ferguson--a wonderful primer on the doctrines related to redemption and their practicality for daily Christian living. Feel free to grab a copy of the book, pull up a chair, and listen in on our discussion.